The pug's sparkling eyes and wrinkly forehead gives it a unique expression that has charmed many people across the world.

This cheerful breed loves to snuggle. Their small size makes them a great house dog, but with proper care, they can be happy anywhere.

Average Height

10-13 inches

Average Weight

14-20 lbs


Pugs are considered moderate to high shedders. This can be controlled by frequent brushing to remove excess hair.


Pugs are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Weekly brushing is recommended. Because of their short hair, they don't need to be bathed unless they get into dirt. Their teeth and ears should be checked and nails trimmed regularly.

Energy Level

Pugs can be very playful when encouraged. They are prone to overeating and can become obese if overfed or under exercised. Their short snout makes them intolerant to exercise in hot weather.