Medium Breeds

a cute cavachon laying by a tan wall


Cavachon pups are affectionate, playful, and social. They are a cross breed resulting from a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. Often the size of a Cavashon depends on breeding, but they usually weigh between 15-35 lbs. and stand 12-13” high.

Other Cavachon facts:
• Smart, eager to learn
• Low maintenance coat
• Fairly active
• Good with children

a black and white mini bulldog laying in the grass

Mini Bulldog

Mini Bulldogs are friendly, loyal, and gentle pups. Bred to be a smaller version of a Bulldog, they are often cross-bred with Pugs and Beagles. Most Mini Bulldogs weigh between 30-40 lbs. and stand about 12-14” high. They are natural protectors and make great companions.

Other Mini Bulldog facts:
• Naturally brave and sensitive to moods
• Persistent and playful
• Great with children
• Strong, muscular hindquarters with a broad chest
• Moderate energy level

a brown and tan dachshund outside


The Dachshund is a spunky, curious, friendly pup. This breed is known for its long, low body and short legs. Dachshunds grow to be between 16-32 lbs., depending on their body height and length. Their coats can be smooth, wire-haired, or long-haired, and require regular grooming.

Other Dachshund facts:
• Friendly personality, keen sense of smell
• Eager hunter
• Playful, upbeat, curious
• One of the most popular breeds

Mini Walrus

The Mini Walrus is a protective, cheerful, alert pup. This unique breed is a mix of a Beagle and a Star Pei. These dogs are good with children and other pets and are a good, medium-size breed. They grow to be about 20-40 lbs. and stand about 15-19” high.

Other Mini Walrus facts:
• Short and wrinkly
• Affectionate, agressive, loyal
• Love their owners and families
• Minimal shedding


A Walrus is an intelligent, affectionate, and loyal breed. This breed is a cross between a Shar-Pei and a Basset Hound. They have the body of a Basset and the wrinkles of a Shar-Pei. These dogs average between 40 and 60 lbs.

Other Walrus facts:
• Affectionate
• Relatively inactive
• Love to be with other dogs
• Wonderful family dog
• High chase instinct

a cocker spaniel smiling right at the camera

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel pups are happy, smart, and gentle. They weigh between 28-34lbs. and stand 15-17” high. They have silky coats and require daily grooming.

Other Cocker Spaniel facts:
• One of the most popular breeds
• Well-balanced dog
• Require moderate exercise
• Not suited to live outside
• Does well with cats

a happy white french bulldog laying in grass

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are smart, adaptable, and playful. They will grow to be about 25-28 lbs. and stand 10-12” high. They require minimal exercise as they are easygoing and not athletic.

Other French Bulldog facts:
• Known for their wrinkly, mushy faces and bat-like ears
• Require little exercise
• Eager to please
• Calm nature makes them ideal for apartments and small homes

an english bulldog laying down on blacktop

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are calm, courageous, and friendly animals. They aren’t especially active, but enjoy walks and the occasional romp. They grow to weigh 40-50 lbs. and stand 12” high.

Other English Bulldog facts:
• Require minimal grooming
• Large, short-faced head
• Wrinkled
• Lovable dispositions
• Intelligent