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My wife and I had been looking for a puppy recently. When I ran across the Berlin Pet Shoppe online we decided to drive down to Amish country to check out the available pets. We were both blown away by the variety of pets in the store as well as the helpfulness of the store manager, Roy. We picked a teddy bear puppy and couldn’t be happier with our purchase. Roy was especially helpful and patient with us as we took the time to make an informed decision. I would highly recommend Berlin Pet Shoppe as a great place to find your pet.

- Logan (LGN) | March, 2024

Two  puppies

Our little one we got this weekend! Thanks Roy!!

Linda Moore Robbins | January, 2022

What was so simple as visiting this place turned into adopting 2 beautiful puppies with the help of Roy if it wasn’t for his genuine kindness and big heart I wouldn’t of found my best friend he was such an amazing help with working things out with my finance and getting to a good deal to fit what’s best for me! Very beautiful store the area is so entertaining has a huge variety of puppies and very friendly staff very supporting I would recommend this store to everyone who’s looking for their pet your not going to find a company with the service as good as these people. Shout out to Roy for hooking me up and making it work!!

- David Skelton

Lost our precious Tucker on Sunday. Was so lonely so decided to look for another baby to love. Stopped in to look since this is where we got Tucker 10 years ago. Roy was very helpful in answering our questions and made the process so easy for us to take our new baby home. We love her already and will take wonderful care of her.

- Linda Elbon

Bought my first puppy (frenchie) from this pet store. Roy, Sara, and Tina were all very welcoming, knowledgeable, and helpful. The puppy has been exactly what they represent, he's been healthy and the price for him was very fair. The one-year health guarantee and microchip included both give me a piece of mind. Will be doing business with them again! Thank you.

- Jacob Grayson

We drove down here, and Roy was our salesman...he did an awesome job, and they have great dogs! Very clean pressure and awesome place...The dogs are very well taken care of with many custom breeds....they are very knowledgeable and all of the dogs come with a microchip and physical plus basic vaccinations. Definitely well worth the drive!

- Jeff

Two  puppies

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that we recently adopted our Cavapoo Hydie from your store. She is doing great and has really bonded with our son that has severe non-verbal autism. This is huge for him as he became scared of dogs after he started having seizures. As you can see they are best buddies now!

Gina Lay | July, 2020

Two  puppies

Couldn’t ask for a better dog than my teddy bear, Ellie, that I got from you guys! She’s a little over a year old now!

Mallari Riley | June 2020

Two  puppies

I got my Maltese, Sophie Jo came from you (3 years ago) as well as my cavalier, Winston (6 years ago). I love them both so much and they each have such different personalities! ❤️

Great place to purchase a puppy from! I cannot say enough good things about Berlin Pets. The puppies are well taken care of and clean, the staff is so friendly and very knowledgeable. We have made friends for life with the employees. My husband and I have purchased 4 puppies from Berlin Pets over the years and I have to say they are all very smart, healthy, and super sweet.

Adequate pet selection but limited quantity. The space was crowded. With available financing, my friend was able to get the Teddy Bear puppy of choice. Beautiful. They absolutely love it. Great place to puppy shop.

Alice Miller

We had an amazing experience at Berlin Pets. Roy and the staff were very patient, accommodating, knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. They made us feel so comfortable. Will recommend to family and friends.

Cathy & Scott B

I love this place! We got 2 Cavachon puppies from here. A sweet boy in February and a sweet girl in August. They are healthy, sweet, beautiful, and just plain precious!!! I love how they care for the puppies and keep a clean environment. Also, Roy was very helpful and it's such a great place to find your fur baby or babies!!!

Lori Rp

I want to personally thank Roy at Berlin pets, They are absolutely amazing. Excellent care for there puppies I got my Gorgeous tea-cup yorkie (Romeo) from there. They treat you like family and make sure you have everything you need to get through your first few days with your pet. I can't thank them enough. Definitely get my next one with them. Thank you so much

Christine Dennison

Two  puppies

Wonderful! Here are my sister and I's puppies we both adopted from Berlin Pets this year. They are the best of friends.

Nicki Michelle Morris | August, 2019

We were beyond impressed by the wonderful experience during the selection of our new furry family member. The staff are very kind and knowledgeable as they carefully assisted us in selecting the best breed for our lifestyle. We received excellent records at point of purchase as well as, follow-up instructions and food.
Our own veterinarian informed us that our new puppy was in great health. He has been a joy to us all and loves to go on trips and hang out in our laps to cuddle. We have since returned many times to buy toys and clothes from this store as the selections are so affordable, unique, and fun.

Pumpkin Vine

My family and I have adopted 5 puppies in the past 2 years from Berlin Pets... I have 4 Yorkies and my daughter has an old English bulldog..we just got Brody(Oreo) yesterday.. We couldn't be happier.. They are all healthy, happy, loving dogs! Thank you again Roy for our adorable babies

Kimn Manning

We went out to the country just Like any other time we have visited And this time we came Home with the cutest little Shih Tzu puppy Roy and Sara are Fantastic ! Clean and friendly environment

Michelle Debrouse

We have visited many times, but have never seen a beagle. We were so happy to see one there last week. Thanks, Roy, for answering all of our questions and for being so helpful! She has been a wonderful addition to our family!

Emily Trumbull

The dogs are very well taken care and seem very happy. We did not purchase a puppy, but always stop when we are in the area to play with the dogs. It is very clean. Prices seem inline with many of the high end dog stores.

Rob Ramer | August, 2019

Roy and the rest of the staff are so kind and accommodating. I just brought my Annie home today and am already so in love with her. They found the perfect companion for me. Thank you so much!

Jennifer Owens | August, 2019

Love your Pet Store! I have been visiting for years admiring all the cute puppies! One year ago on 7-28-18 my husband and I bought our girl Teddy Bear! Her name is Minnie and we love her so much. She has been a great dog! She is very smart, fun, and loving. She was very easy to potty train to pads and outside. She learned to go outside immediately, we were amazed! She is a great companion to our other boy Teddy Bear dog and she is great with children! Minnie is beautiful, the perfect size and she has been healthy, other than having a couple “hot spots” which changing dog food has helped. Thank you Roy for making accommodations to hold her with a deposit since we live 4 hours away.

Lauren Lilly | August, 2019

Roy was amazing! He helped us adopt our new St Bernard puppy Gus! We just came to look an ended up taking him to his new forever home! You can definitely tell Roy loves his job an is very passionate about the puppies! Thanks !

Claudia & Matt Smith | August, 2019

We have had our Whoodle for over 2 months now. He is so sweet and lovable. He is a wonderful addition to our family. I recommend anybody who is looking for a fur baby to stop by Berlin Pets and check the puppies out. Still our first stop every trip to Berlin. Roy is wonderful.

Bob McDonald | August, 2019

Two white puppies

Thank you Berlin Pets!!!! Thank you to Roy for your help!! We waited a long time to find a Maltese.....and ended up with two!!! We love them

August, 2019

“Brady”. My son got him last year -June 24, 2017. He is a goldendoodle. Love our Grandpup!

Ann | July, 2018

a black goldendoodle named Brady with snow over his nose
a french bulldog named Bruno laying down on the porch

This is Bruno. He is a 2 year old French Bulldog. He was born 4/10/16 and we brought him home 7/2/16.

Alison | July, 2018

Gigi is a cavapoo she was born 6/30/2016 she just turned 2 and got ice cream with sprinkles. Sasha is a havanese she was born 09/13/2015. Both are from Berlin Pet Shoppe and we couldn’t be happier!

Rhian | July, 2018

Gigi the cavapoo and Sasha the havanese are both happy while being held by their owner

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that we recently adopted our Cavapoo Hydie from your store. She is doing great and has really bonded with our son who has severe non-verbal autism. This is huge for him as he became scared of dogs after he started having seizures. As you can see they are best buddies now!

July, 2018

We were at your store on May-22,2018 and found our new forever friend. He's a Yorkshire Terrier, we named him Sasha. We just wanted to say thank you to Roy and Saihra for giving us such care with getting Sasha ready to come home with us. We've gotten his microchip I.D. card and he's been to the vet, he weighed in at 3 lbs. 2 oz. and Dr. Nicole agrees that Sasha is "a good one". We continue to feed him Royal Canin dry food with success. We will come down to the shoppe for visit when the weather cooperates and isn't so hot. Thanks again!!!!

June, 2018

We visit every time we come to Berlin- about once monthly. We purchased a Saint Bernard puppy here, and had a seamless transaction of an AKC puppy who was in excellent health with a stellar bloodline. Definitely not from a puppy mill like some others have indicated. Roy is very knowledgeable and helpful, as are the rest of his staff. I would definitely recommend this pet store to anyone who is looking to purchase a puppy.

April, 2018

Amazing establishment, with excellent customer service! Roy was so helpful and friendly. I could really tell he loved all the pets there and genuinely cared about getting them good homes. Would recommend him 1000 over!

February, 2018

On Easter weekend we came to your shope where we found the most beautiful puppy. When I held her in my arms, I said she is mine. She has been such a joy to us. Kelly is a very loving dog. She loves her vet and has all of her shots and has been spaded. Kelly lives in the country and loves to go for long walks and ride on the Gator with her human Dad.

Kelly is very smart and catches on fast. She is house broke, loves to play fetch. Her favorite thing is to pickup a stone bring it in the house sit by the chair in the living room show it and then trading it for a bacon treat. She will spit the stone at me and grab the treat. She is 12 # and thinks she is a pit bull watch dog. We love her so very much and Kelly is spoiled.

Thank You,
The Studneski Family ( John, Diane and Kelly) | January, 2018

Got a Cavalier on October 3rd and love him to death. Would return again to get another pet.
Rusty Rowe | December, 2017

This is the way all pet stores should be operated! It's a hands-on experience for all the guests and the puppies love it. The staff is wonderful and energetic and enjoy what they do. We came pretty close to coming home with a Dorkie (Dachshund/Yorkie mix) but our house is already "at capacity". But if you're looking for that special pup, there's not a better place we've been to.
Jeff Bolton | December, 2017

Looked at a puppy on Saturday, decided not to buy it.... went back Sunday knowing they were closed but tried anyways, luckily someone was there picking up their new puppy and they let us in to buy ours!! She’s a super cute Wheaton terrier loved the folder with all the info we needed for her vet. Thanks Berlin Pets
Kaitlin Elizabeth | December, 2017

Hi Roy, Just wanted everyone to know how pleased with Callie my teddy bear pup. Most like a human of any dog I have ever had. Healthy as can be, no problems whatsoever words can't explain how much she means to me and am so glad that I chose your place to purchase my pup. She is now 8 months old and growing so fast she has a car seat and goes everywhere with me. I no the lord led me to your place. Thanks so very much.
Kitty White | October, 2017

Good evening Roy,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for my Yorkie, Remington (ie Mickey). The first time me and my husband came into the pet store I was amazed by how clean it was. How helpful the staff is. That was in October if 2016 when my husband said I could get my Yorkie.
Remington is a happy, healthy, loving puppy. He's been a blessing to our family.
I would highly recommend to everyone who comes in and looks at the puppies to know that they're well taken care of, healthy, and a bundle of joy. The process to purchase a new puppy takes time but is well worth it. Roy explained everything to us. Thank you,
Michelle and Chris Krankowski | October, 2017

Brenda Maxeiner I wanted to Thank Roy for all he has done for us & making our puppy experience a positive one as well, Thank You, We love our TOBY!
Brenda Maxeiner | March, 2017

Dear Roy and Leroy. My husband and I would like to thank you for being so kind to us. We are so happy with our little Yorkie. We named her Bella. We hope you enjoyed your Apple hand pies. We promise to return with a whole Apple pie in the Summer. God bless you!
Ken and Chris Palton | February, 2017

Krystal, just want you to know that the girls are doing great. We are very happy with them and they are so smart. You gave us a great experience and we are very pleased. They are now Lilly and Lylea. Thank You
Connie and Lori | February, 2017

I bought this little sweetheart on Saturday, Feb 11th, who could say no to this face? I took her to the Veterinary on Wednesday, Feb 15th and I was told she was in excellent shape and healthy. I just love my new baby Schnoodle from the Berlin Pet Shoppe. Thanks,
Pamela Hepner | February, 2017

I just wanted to let you know we just LOVE our new puppy. He is so sweet. Our Yorkie "Lark" we now call him Peanut. Thank You
Donna Trimmer | February, 2017

While on a knitting retreat with friends, we stopped at Berlin Pets. A French bulldog was running (actually bouncing like a bunny) around the pen in the middle of the room. I started crying and it was all over. Unable to have the puppy in our rental, I had to anxiously wait until our weekend was over to pick him up. "Tubes" was raised by the family at their house and is such a pleasure. He is so comical, always wants to be near you, bringing a smile to your face every time you look at him. Everyone should have a Frenchie. I would purchase another in a minute from Berlin Pets. It's a good thing I don't live really close. We already have 5 dogs.
Kimberly Hershfeldt | January, 2017

We picked up the newest member of our family last week a wonderfully happy Maltese. I want to say thank you so much for the amazing service and amazing care that you gave to him and all of your pets there. A special heartfelt thank you to Leroy for going out of your way to make this possible. May God bless you and keep you.
Renee Shaw | January, 2017

We bought a shih-tzu puppy at the end of August. We love her, best little dog ever, she is almost house broke completely already! The people there were very nice and helpful. Would buy another one from there in the future. Will be back to visit. Thank you
Charlene Dyer | January, 2017

We got a Maltese puppy from Berlin Pets about two months ago and he is been nothing but wonderful and happy and healthy. I was even late coming from about an hour away and I kept the store open for me to come get choose my puppy! The staff was wonderful . Thankful for our "Olaf"
Catherine Carpenter | January, 2017

We bought our Morkie from you in May she is smart, cute, sweet, wild, sassy and spoiled. She's a perfect fit for our family. Her best friend is her sister which is a beagle. We often say we couldn't have picked a better little girl. Thank you so much!!!
Melody | November, 2016

I just wanted to let you know we purchased "Sophie" last Tuesday and couldn't be happier with her! This Cava-Tzu is just the cutest! We are keeping her name Sophie--seems to fit and didn't want to change it! She is such a great little dog-she immediately bonded with everyone in the house. She's so friendly and outgoing. We took her to a vet in Sharon Center and she won the hearts of all the staff. She's in great health! Thank you so much for providing us with such a treasure we couldn't think of life without her as she brings so much joy to our home!
Brenda Bartley | July, 2016

I just want to thank you guys for everything. I purchased a yorkie poo Trixie ( which her name is now Bryn ) from you guys about 3 months ago! She is truly a blessing and has adjusted well to her new home! I just wanted to send you guys a few photos of her now and thank you for everything!
Erica Brooks | July, 2016

My Pomeranian puppy (Misha) is very healthy according to her vet checkup. It was a little scary buying a puppy out of state, but you made it easy. I truly appreciate you answering my questions and sending pictures. Rest assured little Misha will be very well loved and taken care of. I plan on being in the area in June and will stop in for a visit.
Christina Beck | April, 2016

Hello ... I apologize for emailing sooner. Just wanted to let you know that our little puppy is doing great! We bought her on 3/18/16 and picked her up the next day on Saturday 3/19/16. We took her to our vet that Monday, 3/21/16. Our vet said that she is very healthy. : Everyone that sees her just falls in love with her! Her name was Molly at your shop. We renamed her Leia Cuddle Spots. Thank you again
Stephanie Watson | April, 2016

Hello Leroy, Dexter who now is known as Nitschke after Ray Nitschke who was a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers in the 1960's and one of my all-time favorites. Anyway went to the Vet yesterday Belpar Pet Care and they said that they have had several of the puppies come there from Berlin Pet and all including Nitschke are in very good shape. Nitschke had a shot and the Vet looked him over very well and said he looked to be in excellent shape. Nitschke already has his next appointment in 4 weeks for his follow-up shot. He is a very sweet puppy and has met a lot of new friends already he loves people and other animals and boy have we bound he will not let me out of his site which is great but I have to get him so he will not have the separation anxiety when I can't be around. He seems like he will be fairly simple to train which we will start on that Saturday. Plus he is doing pretty good with the potty training. Love my little puppy and will keep you updated on how he is doing. Thank you Leroy and thank you Berlin Pets you all are great.
Rick Nelson | February, 2016

To all the staff at Berlin pet store. My husband and I cannot thank you all enough. We lost our male Pom after having him for 12 years, he passed. We were so sad. We searched pet stores, the Internet and breeders. We were getting a little discouraged. Then we contacted your store. Everyone was so kind and caring, we cannot express our thanks enough. We adopted Princess nka Molly. She is absolutely Beautiful and our vet said she is very healthy. I want to commend you all for providing such Great little puppies at a price that is Amazingly affordable. Molly is such a sweetheart and we are truly Blessed to have found her at your store. Thank you for keeping in contact with us and genuinely caring about our needs to find our Precious little girl! Thank you so very much!
Max and Joelyn | February, 2016

Hello! I bought Leo (Shih Tzu) about 2 weeks ago and I just wanted to let you know that he has adjusted well. Our little 3-year-old loves having a little buddy to play with. I drove 2.5 hrs to get him but well worth the drive. Thank you for allowing us to be his new family!!
Christy Burnett | February, 2016

Just sending Pomsky Eavie's Vet check-up paperwork. We are loving our new puppy. Thanks again for all your help. Have a blessed day.
Lee & Cathy Stull | February, 2016

I want to say how blessed my family is to have the new addition Dawson. He is a wonderful puppy. We did change his name to Oliver. And I am very sorry it took so long to get you info about the vet, but with the holiday it was really hard to get him in.
Anita Copeland | December, 2015

Berlin Pets We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful blessing of our new baby.(Morkie) We named her Bella Marie. She is so sweet and smart. We love her so much ❤️ Wishing all of you a blessed Holiday season
Tammy Rademacher | December, 2015

Hey Vernon! Just wanted to send you some updates on Tucker my Pomeranian that I bought from you. It's been almost a year since I got Tucker and he has been an amazing part of my family. He is still such a happy little fluff ball! I posted some pictures below so you can see how much he's grown. Thank you for giving me such a blessing! Best,
Olivia Pishioneri | June, 2015

Hello Vernon. We picked up Austin in March this year. Now his name is Sid. He has grown very fond of his new home and family. Take a look at him.
Jodie & Mike Lizza | May, 2015

Hi Vernon My little guy is getting very spoiled. He is fitting right in. Have attached a few pictures for both you and Joanna to see. Have a good weekend.
Cindy | May, 2015

Dear Vernon, My Mom is bringing me on a trip tomorrow and she is going to stop and show you how I have grown. I am registered with AKC. I have had all my shots and etc. that are up to date, so I will be okay with the pups. I have a clean bill of health. I go to the home for the aged and let the people there pet and love me. I am still in school learning to be a grown-up dog. (I am really just a puppy in training to be a grown-up.) I am still learning good manners. I have had 3 different dog training classes that have 6 classes each in them. I am now going for an Emotional Support dog for my Mom. I got groomed today and my vet thinks I am super with a very healthy bill of health. Everyone thinks that I am a very special boy. Love Robespierre Yoder Lichtig -----One year old.
May, 2015

We just love our little girl. Everywhere we take her she gets compliments as she is such a loving and well-behaved pup. And she is just so cute as well. She got her first hair trim today and looks so adorable. Bonnie now weighs 5 lbs. She has slept through the night every night including the very first night and loves playing with our Jack Russell. We are so very happy to have her in our family. Thank you for raising such healthy happy pups!-Teddy Bear-
May, 2015

wanted to let you know all our puppies are doing great. Ziva fits right in she loves her sisters and brother. we are so happy. we will be coming back June 12 we will bring pictures. God Bless
Linda and Tom Butera | May, 2015

Hello. Here are some updated pictures. She liked being outside with her sister maxxi. She loves to run around in our backyard. Babe also likes to stick her tongue out. -Pomeranian- Have a great night
Heather DuMelle | May, 2015

Chip Mon 4/13/2015 9:19 PM I just wanted to let you know that our Yorkie adopted from there is doing very well. We named him chocolate chip dip, Chip for short. He will be two years old this coming July. We take him everywhere we can with us. He sleeps cuddled up with us at night. He owns more clothes than I do. He is a wonderful 5 pound bundle of joy. Thank you.
Diana R. | April, 2015

Hi Vernon. We bought our teddy bear from you a little over a year ago. We LOVE him!!! Our daughter bought one from you about six months later. Now my mother-in-law and father-in-law would love to have one of their own. Please let us know when your next teddy bears will be available. Thank you so very much!!!
Kathy Drake | March, 2015

Hi Vernon, I got Twinkie( which we call Jemma now ) from you a week ago and we just love her to pieces. We couldn't of gotten a sweeter little girl then her. Now I'm interested in getting a boy teddy bear from you for my mom that is handicapped. Jemma has done so good with my mom so I Would like to bring my mom out to see the babies sometime this week if possible. Thanks for having such loving puppies that truly are a blessing . Thanks again for our little bundle of joy Jemma :) Connie & Dave, Magic, Sassy Sue, Jemma & the 4 kitties Immel.... Dover, Ohio. P.S. Jemma loves her new brothers and sisters you would've thought they have been together since birth the way they play together and give kisses.
Connie Immel | March, 2015

Here's a pic of Winchester, fna Pumpkin. All is well; however, when he goes outside to do his business the snow is so deep he looks like a plow running through the snow. Thanks for everything!
Victoria Hoover | February, 2015

This is our cava-shon we purchased from you on December called him Scamper. .we changed his name to Asa..he is a joy! We love him to pieces. .he now weighs 10 lbs and is a very happy and intelligent boy! Just wanted to update you and let you know how very pleased we are. Thanks again!
Gary & Kay Dindinger | January, 2015

Thank you so much for our bulldog puppy (Blake). We renamed him "Bettis" after the football player. He is doing great, he has an appointment at the Vet on the 19th of January. I'm sure everything will be fine. Our other dog is taking a while to get used to him, but he'll come around eventually. We are in the process of house training, which may take a while since he seems to be very stubborn. Here are a couple of pics of him. Thanks again Vernon!!!!!
John Drake | January, 2015

Thank you for my beautiful children Ruger and Bandit they brought a lot of joy to our life, we love them so much
Nune Woodward | December, 2014

Hi Vernon, I'm feeling thankful for a lot this year and one of them is our little bundle of joy we adopted from you a little over a year ago. We call him Buddy and he is the most loving family member we've ever had. My daughter is constantly picking him up and carrying him around like a baby. My husband spends lots of time with him and he eagerly awaits my arrival home from work every day. In fact he knows our schedule so well he will go and lay by the entrance way 10 min prior to our arrival. He never barks unless we ask him to and he greets every visitor with a wagging tail and affectionate kisses. He also likes to run in our yard and occasionally play with our neighbors dog. He is a rock star at the local groomers. Thank you for our loving super spoiled love muffin. We can't imagine a world without him. Sincerely,
Natalie Odumes | November, 2014

I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about sending you pictures of Winchester. I finally had a few minutes this evening and I attempted to download a few pictures and send them to you; however, I sometimes have issues with the technology of the computers. Tonight is one of those nights. When my daughter, Ashley, is at the house I will have her download some of the pictures and send them to you. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that he is doing just fine. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone he meets. The other two bulldogs have a good time playing with him. Prior to the snow and the cold temperatures we would go outside and let the 3 dogs just play until Winchester was tuckered out. (We have a privacy fence in our backyard and they get all the exercise they need playing in the yard with each other.) We had a pile of leaves in the year and the three of them would often go to the pile and play together. Winchester was quite shocked when I let him outside (I believe it was Monday morning) when we had the first snowfall - he did not know what to think. The snow and cold temperatures have put a damper on letting him outside to play though - we let him out only to do his "business" and then back in the warm house he goes. Thanks again - he is such a delight to have around.
Victoria Hoover | November, 2014

Hi, Vernon I Left a Comment On the website But just wanted to send You some Pic's of Little Bit, We love him so much, and Thank You for Being so Helpful!!!! Precious also loves Little Bit. They are the Best of Friends And She's very Protective of Her Brother!!! Hugs
Theresa and Donnie and Little bit and Precious | September, 2014

Hi Vernon, Wanted to update you on Mie Mie. We made the long 3-hour drive home safe. Mie Mie is adjusting very well to her new home and had a great time exploring. I took her to my vet and she checked out very good, of course, Mie Mie stole their hearts too. Thank you and the young lady in the pet shop for all the help.
Debby Harden | September, 2014

Dear Vernon, I Just want to tell you that our puppy is doing very well. She is nearly 3 lbs, full of life, playful, loving,and has brought us so much joy. I never thought I could love something so much. I take her with me at every opportunity. I wish I was good at the picture stuff, but I am not. But I will try to send a picture. I hope to find the time to come down and visit w/ her sometime. (It is a 2-hour drive one way). Take care & God bless, sincerely,
Kris Milavec & Andre Decates | July, 2014

Hi Vernon. Thank you for letting us adopt Sam. He is such a good puppy. We enjoy having him be apart of our family. We will definitely be back when we want to make our family bigger. Enclosed is a picture of how he has grown. Thanks again.
Carie and Ron | July, 2014

Hello. I've always grown up with a dog at my side, it developed into a part of my identity to have a four-legged friend to take on walks and love unconditionally. Three years ago, while I was on vacation with family; My dog went missing and was later found dead. I felt terrible and as if nothing could replace him and became despondent and depressed. My mother and I headed down to Millersville, OH on a beautiful morning. The rain illuminated everything and the air was fresh. We entered Berlin Pets and the first puppy that caught my attention was a sweet-eyed Lhasa Apso. Excited I began to discuss the possibility of bringing her home to my mother. Now, the whole time this was happening kept noticing a rather energetic Dachshund with peculiar markings. I took him out of his cage and started the process of deciding between the two puppies. After a while of playing with both the Lhasa Apso,and Dachshund. I decided that the Lhasa Apso was cute, but too docile for my lifestyle. I don't intend to make this a long letter. The month that I've had Edwin (What I named him) I finally feel like I have a place to put my heart. Since day one he has been the sweetest thing. He is extremely smart and knows how to "wait" and "drop it" already. I've decided to train him to become a therapy dog to visit people in the hospital. To share the happiness that this adorable little boy has given me. Thank you for allowing me to meet him.
Amy Maitino | June, 2014

Hi Vernon ! Wanted to let you know that our little male Havanese ( Bandit ) is doing amazing.... We just love him! Thank You so much for everything!!! We will see you next year during our yearly visit Mother's Day weekend adventure. The Crazy Gals From West Virginia
Amanda Keeney | May, 2014

HI Vernon , Wanted to send you pictures of our new addition to our family. This is our second puppy we have bought from you and we couldn't be more pleased. He is adjusting to his new home amazingly . I also wanted to thank you all for being so informative. I know any questions I had were certain to be answered. Thanks again for everything. Sincerely,
Dawn | May, 2014

Hello there! We just wanted to let you know Rowdy and Pee Wee are a blessing in our lives every day! They've both been healthy and just as cute as they can be. We've been putting bows in Rowdy's beautiful hair but Pee Wee loves to take them out! They went to the groomers and the lady wanted to know where we got them because their just so perfect and sweet. We get compliments all the time when we walk them or just take a drive with them. They are truly a huge part of our lives now! Thanks so much for your help!
The Koah's | May, 2014

Hello Vernon! This is Courtney Wiener who got the all-brindle little boy back in October. Justin and I decided to name him Walter. I just wanted to say hello and let you know how much we appreciate everything you did for us! We have never been happier to have him in our lives. He's 7 months old now and we just wanted to send you some updated pictures of him. We love him so much! Hopefully one day we can bring him to Berlin and come visit! When we are ready for our next one we will definitely be contacting you! Thank you again for everything!!
Courtney and Justin | March, 2014

Vernon, here is a picture of Parker, not a real good one so I will get a better one later. We LOVE Parker and are very pleased with him. Parker is fully house-trained in no time did he learn this. We give him little treats when he goes potty and this really helped to train him. He is very attached to us, follows me wherever I go. My vet and the people that work there, all Love Parker to. He is a very smart dog and listens to everything we tell him. He has his favorite toy called squeaky and loves to play with it. I want to Thank You for all the advice and for calling me to ask about how Parker is doing. Not many sellers do that. I will continue to keep you informed of Parker's well-being. Again THANKS Sincerely,
Debbie McBride | January, 2014

We just wanted to tell you thank you for all the help and time you took to help us find Rowdy, our new Teddy Bear Puppy. We are keeping his name by the way. He is getting along with our chi's very well and we just got him home about a hour ago!! We will always come back to Berlin Pets because you and your staff answer questions and find the right puppy and supplies for you! We spent a while picking out clothes and bones and everything but you were very patient! Thanks for all your time and we hope to see you soon!! Happy Blessed New Year.. Mary, Brad, Shelby, Pacen, Walton (oldest brother), Jasper (next oldest), and our new bundle of love and joy Rowdy! | January, 2014

Dear friends at Berlin Pets, We purchased a Teddy Bear puppy from you back in June of 2012. She was born on April 23, 2012 and you gave her the name Roxy. We renamed her Cosmo and she has been a blessing to us ever since. We love her and our family would not be the same without her. I have attached two pictures, one when we first brought her home, and one of her today. Thank you again for our cherished pet! Have a nice day!
The Thomay Family | December, 2013

Hi, I was in today when my husband and I purchased a cavalier King Charles spaniel from you. This is now our third dog from you. She is doing well and fits right in with our Yorkies. But I wanted to send you pictures of snickers and s'mores. For your wall.
December, 2013

Hi, I purchased a teddy bear puppy from you on Nov. 29th. He is doing very well and has become very spoiled. I have attached a photo of him for u to see. Thanks again Sincerely
Tabitha Wilhelm | December, 2013

I purchased a toy Yorkie from you 2 mos ago. My sister purchased a morkie. That little dog is so smart and very healthy! I love him so much. He comes to work with me many days and everyone stops by to see him. It is so obvious that he was very loved before he came to me. He trusts the whole world. Thank you for that. My grandkids named him Snickers. we will stop by the store one day so you can see your darling little boy!
Jessica Jenkins | December, 2013

I picked up my Teddy Bear, a female, Holly, on Wednesday, Nov. 26. I got your follow-up phone call yesterday. I now call her, Lexi. I did have my vet down here check her out, and Dr. Gallahorn pronounced her very healthy and said she thought the breeder provided reputable care. She estimated her adult weight to be in the 15 - 20 lbs range which is perfect..she weighs 4 lbs now. Thank you so much. I have great confidence that Lexi and I will have a long life together. She is beautiful.
Cheryl Sawyer | December, 2013

Hello, in Aug. I bought a toy Yorkie from u... he is doing great. we named him Barkley he is a handful but very sweet... and healthy. thank u so much when we decide to get another dog we will be back...
Tracy | November, 2013

Hi Vernon: I hope you are doing well. I attached a picture of Sallie for you to see. She was at the vet for her last shots last week and she is now at 1.4 pounds and 4 1/2 months old. She has had all of her shots now and is doing great. She is spoiled rotten!! We will be up the weekend after Thanksgiving and I will bring her by for a visit. She is a wonderful companion. Sincerely,
Teresa Webb | October, 2013

Dear Vernon & staff, From the first time we visited Amish Country we came into Berlin Pets and fell in love with the store. The store is always spotless clean and puppy accidents have always been cleaned up immediately. We were so impressed with the store and staff that we had to purchase a puppy and then a few more. So far we have bought a Yorkie-poo, a Pomeranian, a Beagle, and our latest addition a Cavalier King Charles. We would recommend Berlin Pets to anyone seriously wanting a happy, healthy puppy to add to their family. Every puppy we have bought from Vernon and staff have been a wonderful addition to our family. A heartfelt thank you goes to the staff of Berlin Pets for taking such great care of all of the puppies in their care until homes are found for them. Thank you so much,
Lisa, Bill, and Children | October, 2013

Vernon, Here are pics of our happy puppies Austin & Gizmo, we could not be happier with them!! Highly recommend Berlin Pets to anyone!! Thank you and God bless!!
Jim, Cathy & Erika Mick | August, 2013

Dear Vernon, just wanted to let you know that our new addition "Rubee" a toy yorkie is wonderful, she is so sweet and quite a handful! Our 3-year-old toy Yorkie "Spencer" who was also purchased from you is fabulous! They are still getting to know each other. Anytime we take them out , we get lots of compliments and everyone wants to know where we got them, we have given out cards and told them you are the best, and my sister got a dog from you in June 2013 and he is living in New Hampshire and doing great! Thank you again for the wonderful dogs
Tara Stiner | August, 2013

Vernon, Just wanted to let you know that the puppy had her puppy check yesterday and the Vet fell in love with her. She is doing very well, had a bath today and is eating well. Thank you so much for all your help.
Mary Brown and son Jim | August, 2013

just wanted to let Y'all know that Striker is doing great & is a very happy little schnauzer, he's very playful & is so smart, doing extremely well on the house breaking, thank U so much for all your help & for selling us a very healthy puppy. have a great day!
Becky Barnard | August, 2013

Vernon, As you can see, LuLu is growing into a beautiful girl! She now weighs 28 lbs, and her vet pronounced her "perfect." She delights everyone who meets her, and is adored by everyone who knows her. LuLu is fearless, curious and excels on the agility course. Her sunny disposition makes us smile all the time. We're starting to make real headway w/obedience training, even with her stubborn streak, which is an awesome thing :-). Not a day goes by that Del doesn't say, "Lulu's the best birthday present I've ever gotten!" Thank you!
Chris Dausman | July, 2013

Just wanted to let you know Duke (English Bulldog) is doing wonderful. We bought him and March and we lust love him to pieces. Thank you so much!
Michelle Skok | July, 2013

This is your friend from Oak Harbor, on Lake Erie, and just outside of Port Clinton, Ohio. Last Sept. I purchased a cute Havanese, Tucker, from your store. He is truly such a wonderful family pet!! We love him so very much! I am wanting to purchase another Havanese to keep Tucker company and to have a friend to play with. Our older pet passed away and Tucker is missing her a great deal as we are too. Tucker has been a delight to train and is so special! Will you be having any Havanese puppies soon? Would you please let me know since we have to allow for the travel time and set aside a date for the day trip there and back home? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks,
Marcie Daft | July, 2013

Hi Vernon, I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that Bandit (your Domino) that we bought from you last month, is truly the sweetest dog I've ever known. He's still a puppy and ornery but has been so easy to train and has the sweetest temperament ever. I wanted to say thank you again and have told everyone who asks me to come to you for their pets. Have a great day, PS. When we got him he was 5.2 pounds and is 8.4 pounds now. Growing boy! :-)
Amy Hoover | July, 2013

Hi Vernon, I wanted to send you a couple of pics of Bandit (formerly Domino).. Thank you again for everything, we love our new puppy so much and my children were so ecstatic when I showed up with him. Thanks again,
Amy Hoover | June, 2013

We just wanted to take a minute to thank you and the staff at Berlin Pets for helping us pick the best puppy for our family. He has been nothing but wonderful from the minute we brought him home. We purchased our Yorkie Poo from you over Memorial Day weekend and he has been such a bundle of joy. He is such a happy little boy and makes us smile. We will certainly bring him by for a visit. Thank you so much for everything!
The Morrisons | June, 2013

Vernon! Thank you so much for all you have done for us. As you know we picked up (Tyra) on Wednesday. We had a nice ride back to Buffalo, New York and the dog did very well. She had one accident and vomited, but we cleaned her and Linda up and Linda held her all the way home. She slept most of the way. When we got home, I left her in the carry bag and Zoey and Zach smelled her. I took her out of the bag and they seemed to get along. That night I put her in the crate with the playpen and she whined for a bit, but I took her up to bed and she slept with us. She has slept with us now for two nights, but now is time for her to be in her house. She has bonded with both of them and she is doing well. Right now she is in her house napping. Thank your girls for taking such good care of her. Wish you all the best and we will stop in and see you the next time we come to berlin. Your friends
Tom and Linda Butera | May, 2013

HI Vernon - on Saturday, the puppies got their first trim. I was told they did really well for it being the first time. Dante was a little hyper but all in all, they were good boys. I have attached a few pictures. So fun to be able to see their eyes and facial features. I wanted to thank you so much for working with us through the process of adopting Bo and Dante. After flying for a few hours, they were in very good condition and in good spirits. They received their next set of shots and an excellent health check by our Vet last week. We would highly recommend adopting a puppy from you.
Diane | May, 2013

Just wanted to say a year ago today my son and I purchased our little Yorkie-Poo C.J. from Berlin Pets. We are very happy with our little C.J. He is a very energetic and playful little puppy. C.J. makes us laugh all the time. My husband loves him as much as my son and I do, but I am not sure he would admit to that. I would like to thank you for bringing this little furry friend into our lives!!!
Paulette Agnes | May, 2013

Hi Vernon, Just wanted to let you know Benji is doing great! He is now the 4th puppy I have purchased from you. I appreciate your help & information each time I come in, even if its just to visit. Your puppies are of great quality & are all special. You come highly recommended from me when others are looking for that best friend. Thank you again I will send a picture soon!
Michelle Blue | May, 2013

Hi Vernon! I just wanted to let you know Lola and I are getting along really well! She starts puppy classes today and the vet says she is a perfect bully. She turned 13 weeks old yesterday. Thanks again!
Katie Freece | April, 2013

I wanted to say thank you for bringing a bundle of joy in my life. We renamed Carrie the little westie we purchased Harley Quinn. She is healthy and very active. Wanted to express gratitude to you and your staff. Thank you
Jill Jefferis | April, 2013

Vernon, We are so pleased with Heath, formally "Scotty", our little Yorkie/Bichon puppy. He has adjusted so well and was very easy to house-train. He listens to our commands and has wonderful behavior. He is an adorable, joyous, and playful little guy. He is happy and healthy and we are blessed to have him as our pet. We cannot thank you and your staff enough for taking such wonderful care of our baby. Thanks,
Adam and Andrea Toth | March, 2013

Vernon and Staff: Just wanted to say thank you for our Jimmer. He was an amazing little guy when we walked in just to "see" the puppies 2 years ago. He bonded so well with all of us, we just had to bring him home. 2 Years later he is full grown at only 3 lbs. He is full of spunk and personality like you wouldn't believe. We came back in today for a visit and you just happened to have a little girl Toy Yorkie. Hopefully I can talk my husband into coming back for her... Like you said Vernon, if mom's happy, everyone is happy... We'll see you all soon!
Angela Cart and Family | February, 2013

Vernon, We are so pleased with Heath, formally "Scotty", our little Yorkie/Bichon puppy. He has adjusted so well and was very easy to house-train. He listens to our commands and has wonderful behavior. He is an adorable, joyous, and playful little guy. He is happy and healthy and we are blessed to have him as our pet. We cannot thank you and your staff enough for taking such wonderful care of our baby. Thanks, Adam and Andrea Toth | February, 2013

We are so very pleased with our new addition! I'm sorry I missed your call and let your daughter know that if we can make it out again we will hopefully stop on a day that she is there and we will bring "Miya" aka candy with us. Thank you so much for our new little blessing she fits in with our family like she was born for us. It was truly fate's hand that made us stop that day. As an animal lover and all-around careful pet buyer and owner you and your helpful staff will get nothing but the highest praises from me and my family. Buying a puppy from you is like getting the one on one knowledge and care of buying from an individual yet the selection of a puppy store. Thank you with all our hearts
The Holland's | January, 2013

Hi Vernon, Just wanted to send a quick note and let you know how happy we are with Muffin. She brings lots of joy and love to our family. The kids just adore her and we do too. She is such a sweet puppy. Here is a recent pic. Hope we can bring her for a visit sometime soon. Please share with Elsie and the other girls. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Jen Fugarino | December, 2012

To Vernon and all the staff at Berlin Pets, Thank you so much for selling us our puppy. We have changed her name from Payden to Oreo. She is settling in nicely with our family and has made friends with our lab Hershey. She is a wonderful, smart, playful puppy and we love her. Your staff was so kind and knowledgeable when we came in to purchase her and we will definitely look to Berlin Pets for our next puppy, as well as recommend you to our friends and family. Sincerely,
The Snider family | December, 2012

Dear Vernon, We purchased Paisley (female black Yorkie-Poo) in January 2012 and she has been an absolute joy to our family. Everyone who comes to our home wants to take her with them. We tell everyone to come to you if they want the best dog and the best service. God bless you and your business!
Jeff Shaull | December, 2012

Vernon and staff, We just want to tell you how pleased we are with our puppy we purchased from you on Tuesday. Cupcake, now named Molly, is doing just great. She is VERY playful and very loving. She's made herself right at home here. She's doing great with her housebreaking, going potty as soon as we put her out. She's eating better now but still cutting her teeth. We crate her at night in our bedroom and she's never had an accident yet in her crate. Our two Chihuahuas still don't think much of her but Chico, the pup we also purchased from you is starting to make up with her now. We are very pleased with both pups we purchased from you and will highly recommend you to our Amish and English friends. We will stop in the see you over Memorial Day weekend when we go camping in Holmes Co.
Ron & Marlene Noe Bubba, Chico and Molly Orwell | October, 2012

This is Milu I bought him in August and he is a Morkie. I'm so happy I bought him. Thank You and this is his recent picture. Sincerely,
Monica | October, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that the Teddy Bear we purchased from you has been wonderful. We named her Chloe Grace and she is the sunshine of our day. We love her and she loves us just as much in return. I believe her name there was Greta. We got her back in April. Here is a picture of her now, Thanks,
Patty and Ron Byrd | October, 2012

Hi Vernon, Just wanted to thank you for the phone call in regards to "Truffles" We decided to keep her name, its very cute, and fitting for her! She is So adorable and sweet!! We just Love her! So many people have offered (and begged) to buy her, so I am sending them your way! I never dreamed I would be coming home with a puppy during our visit to Amish country, but we just fell in love with her! I just want to say Thanks for the pleasant experience, and for having such nice Quality puppies. Have a Blessed Day!!
Ebony, Brailyn, & Truffles | October, 2012

Hello, Gracie has settled nicely into our home. I have attached a picture of Gracie and her new friend Pearl. Thank you for having such a nice place to purchase pets
Edwina Varela | September, 2012

Hey Vernon just wanted to let you know we took Maddie now named Maggie to the vet today and she is very healthy. Thanks to you and the girls for a wonderful experience. She is very playful and full of energy. The kids are wanting another one but the cat might have something to say about that. We will send you some pictures after she gets a little older. Again thanks and I will recommend Berlin Pets to anyone wanting a healthy and loveable pet. Thanks
James, Sandy, Corey, Tanner & Hayla McGraw | August, 2012

Hi Vernon, Laura, and Elsie!! First, I'd like to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for the new pups! I am so happy with them! They are the tiniest, cutest little puppies ever and we are overjoyed with how sweet and adorable they are. We named the Toy Poodle Khloe and the Maltese Bentley (Benny). Bentley is a little daredevil and loves the other 2 puppies I got from you in May. He chases our female Maltese Sophie around and bites her tail ,and our Shih-Tzu Mia, rolls on her back and just lets him jump on her belly. As for Khloe, she is quiet and shy and cuddles for hours. She likes to sit back and watch everything around her. My husband fell in love with her...he's a sucker for lazy dogs. They had a rough night the first night home...they barked and cried all night so needless to say I had a rough night also...haha. As soon as they are held they are fine and they lick your face off but they need to learn that bedtime is quiet time and they will adjust soon enough. Thanks again for my 4 adorable fur babies!! We couldn't be happier!! If we ever decide to get a 5th puppy I will definitely give you a call ( I would NEVER buy a puppy from anyone else) and I will recommend Berlin Pets to anyone interested in buying a fur baby : ) I will send pictures soon!! Thank You Thank You Thank You,
Heather Wood and Family | August, 2012

Vernon, Thank you for your phone call inquiring about our new puppy. She is adjusting just fine. We renamed her Zoey. She had her visit with the vet today and was given the thumbs up. I have attached 2 pictures of her. One playing biting my husband and the other relaxing under the kitchen table. I will bring her in sometime when I stop in to purchase food for her. Again, thank you so much for such a wonder addition to our family
Kathy & Max Offenberger | August, 2012

Thank you for reaching out and checking in on "Princess Cutie". She is doing very well and getting adjusted to her new home. She has a brother "Brody" our Shi-Tzu. Brody is taking on the role of brother, and showing Cutie the ropes. Brody is housebroken, and has been a big influence on Cutie when going to the potty. She has already figured out when she goes out and potty's, that she will receive a treat when coming in. We absolutely love her. She loves to sleep on your lap, and wants you to hold her like a baby, on her back. She will sleep that way for long periods of time. She especially loves to lay on your chest and sleep. We have purchased a small cage for her, and she is adjusting. She will wake you up about 7, and let you know she has to go and potty. We were a little concerned as we knew nothing about Yorkie Poos. When speaking to family and friends, we were told they are hard to potty train. So far, there have been a few accidents, but we take her outside immediately after she eats and drinks, and then in 10 to 15 minute intervals. We were told by the sales staff that she will stay around 3 to 4 pounds, because she is a Toy Yorkie Poo. We hope so, as that is what attracted her to us. We have taken her to our vet and she has given "Princess Cutie" a clean bill of health. I quote "Overall health, CUTIE IS A LOVELY LITTLE FIND. She is fit and in excellent health; she is a pleasure to examine and have here in our hospital. We look forward to seeing her in three weeks for her next round of shots, Molly Buckley DVM". Braden our son has really taken to Princess Cutie, so much that we had to go shopping for her this weekend, buying her several outfits, bows, collars, and various charms. Attached, please find three pictures of Cutie and Braden, Cutie playing, and Cutie all dressed up in her new clothes. Again, thank you for reaching out. When visiting Millersburg in the fall, we will be sure to bring Princess Cutie by to see everyone. Best Regards,
Eric Bowling | August, 2012

Vernon, I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how our puppies are doing and to thank you again. We've been stopping in your shop whenever we are in the area since we got our first Chihuahua for our little girl from you over three years ago. We decided to get another chihuahua for "Tootsie" to play with. and the question of where to go to look for one was a no-brainer. We found the perfect new pup last week and you said you would keep her while we went out to eat. When we came back and picked her up you brought out a bulldog puppy that we played with and had to take her home with us as well. When the two new girl puppies, Piper and Caseih, visited the vet we were pleased to hear that they were in perfect shape with no medical problems. He commented on how well the bulldogs mother and fathers characteristics complement each other and her great disposition. This just confirmed for us the care and effort that you put into the animals you provide for good homes. Thank you again for being so helpful and be assured that we recommend you to friends and family looking for new puppies. Please feel free to give my contact information to anyone considering a bulldog puppy that may have questions, as Caseih teaches me things daily... Best regards,
Jim Huston and family | July, 2012

Hi Vernon, just wanted to write you and tell you how well our Haides(was called tank) is doing. This was our second English bulldog purchased from you. The first was our female Isabelle, we've now had Izzy for a year and a half and Haides for 8 months and their healthy as can be with no shortage of energy, ha. I'll continue to send people to you that are looking for another family mem