Maltipoos are a hybrid breed, which is a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle. These small dogs are active and adorable, making them a great choice for an apartment or house with a family or single parent.

Average Height

8-14 inches

Average Weight

5-20 pounds


This is a breed that sheds very little and produces almost no dander.


The Maltipoo has a low-dander coat that sheds very little. Their fur is soft, fluffy, and tends to be wavy or curly. Maltipoos should be brushed daily to prevent any matting and only requires trimming about once a year. Give your Maltipoo a bath once a month to keep him looking his best!

Energy Level

Though they have a moderate energy level, Maltipoos should be exercised daily with walks and playtime to keep them out of mischief.