The Maltese breed is quite literally ancient. Maltese go back as far as 2,900 years and were a popular pet in ancient Rome and Greece.

Because of their small size, Maltese are considered a toy breed and they are friendly and affectionate.

Average Height

7-9 inches

Average Weight

Under 7 lbs


This breed is considered hypoallergenic, and sheds very little to not at all.


In order to keep the beautiful white coat at its best, the Maltese requires daily gentle brushing to the skin to prevent matting. They also require regular baths and conditioning as well as ear checks to prevent excess hair and wax form building up.

Seniors of this breed are prone to dental disease, so their teeth should be brushed frequently.

Energy Level

Maltese are energetic, but require only moderate exercise to thrive. Daily walks and play suffice to keep them healthy.