The Havanese is a trainable breed. They are the only dog breed that is native to Cuba, where they were the pets of aristocrats and wealthy planters.

This breed is marked by a curled tail and a silky smooth coat. They are bright and lively, but can be sensitive to harsh tones. Their size makes them excellent house pets.

Average Height

8.5-11 inches

Average Weight

7-13 lbs


The Havanese breed is considered hypoallergenic and is suitable for most people with allergies to pets.


Havanese should be brushed daily to avoid matting. They are also prone to tear stains around their eyes. This can be avoided by gentle cleaning of the eyes each day. Their ears should be cleaned, teeth brushed, and nails trimmed as part of regular grooming.

Energy Level

This breed benefits from a moderate daily walk. Over exercise can be detrimental, especially to older Havanese. If they are panting heavily, it is a sign that they need rest.