The Walrus is not a breed of its own, but rather a mix between the Shar Pei and the Basset Hound. This cross is also often referred to as a “Ba-Shar.” This cross is relatively independent. While this can make training a challenge, it also makes them incredibly laid-back. They enjoy activities like walks and games, but they also enjoy lounging beside you after a long day.

Average Height

12 to 15 inches

Average Weight

40 to 65 pounds


Ba-Shars shed minimally. Regular brushing can keep their loose hairs mostly contained, but they are not suitable pets for people with pet allergies.


The Walrus’ coat does not require much grooming. Occasional baths and brushing will keep them smelling great and help with shedding. Keeping their ears and the folds of their skin clean and dry is essential, as lack of air circulation can cause build-up and infections in those areas. Make sure their teeth are brushed frequently and their nails trimmed monthly.

Energy Level

Walruses are relatively active dogs who enjoy mental and physical exercise. They enjoy games and chewing as much as they like a daily walk with their owner.