English Bulldog

English Bulldog

While English Bulldogs may be famous for their “mean mugs,” they’re sweet dogs through and through. Even with a weight of up to fifty pounds, they love to snuggle and are great family dogs.

Average Height

14-15 inches

Average Weight

40-50 pounds


English Bulldogs are moderate shedders, and may shed more or less in certain seasons.


English Bulldogs have short coats. They require little more than weekly brushing with a soft brush in order to look their best. While their coats are easy to maintain, their skin requires some extra care. The wrinkles in their face should be cleaned frequently to make sure they are staying clean and dry. Otherwise, an infection could develop. Their ears should also be kept clean and dry, and their nails trimmed every few weeks.

Energy Level

Moderate exercise is great for the English Bulldog, as long at the weather is nice and not too hot. Because of their short muzzle, Bulldogs can overheat easily.